Michael Markowski is the visionary founder of Stock Diagnostics, Bear Market Tracker, Crowd Classifieds, and the Global Financial News Network (GFNN). In 2004, Forbes named him one of the 50 great investors. Michael Markowski has been a guest on every major radio and television station in the USA. He has pioneered a revolutionary way to diagnose the true health of stocks.

Good news is on approach for expanding the marketplace for entrepreneurs seeking funding and investors who want to invest not just large funds but now small funds. Soon you will be able to advertise what you are doing and seeking investment capital for like in the 1930s. Regulations are scheduled to shift gears beginning 2013.

Negative cash flow and positive earnings are still dangerous for investors. The key to picking great stocks is the cash flow position, not just the record earnings per share. Michael Markowski shares his professional views about Enron, Sunbeam, Sears, Google, Apple, Facebook, and other companies that might be on your radar. If you are interested in the latest breakthroughs in picking stocks and are ready for the good news about crowdfunding, this segment is for you