The and its team of professionals specialty is to provide consulting services to issuers or companies who market and sell their products and services to the global Crowdfunding audience or population.  Its projected to grow to 4 billion by 2018.  The consulting services provided by OFS:

1. Providing advice to an issuer or company and the structuring of the securities that it will be issuing to attract capital from 

    pre-IPO and IPO investors.


2. Making introductions for the issuer or company to and assisting with its negotiations with underwriters or investment bankers

    who can provide pre-IPO capital, underwrite IPOs or secondary public company financings, etc.  .


3. Introductions to visionary institutional and sophisticated high net worth investors.  Register for pre-IPO alerts, etc.


4. Assisting the issuer or company in finding or recruiting visionary individuals to be its officers and/or directors who have

    resumes and prior experience as officers and directors.  To apply to become a Director and/or Officer. 


The is not a broker dealer or investment bank.  Thus, it is prohibited from charging fees, commissions or success fees on the capital in which its clients are successful at raising.