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    The (OFS) was founded by Michael Markowski who also  

    founded in 2002, a subscription website that utilizes 

    proprietary  cash flow metrics to monitor the cash flows (CFFO, an acronym for Cash

    Flow From Operations) of approximately 10,000 publicly traded companies. 

    Markowski founded after he utilized proprietary software to

    perform an autopsy on Enron shortly after it declared bankruptcy in late 2001. More...

    Video Highlights:


  1. Why 2014-2018 Crowdfunding Infrastructure IPOs will rival the web’s 1996-1999 IPOs.
  2. 16 public companies positioned to benefit from Crowdfunding whose share prices have significantly      outperformed the Dow and S&P since SEC’s lifting of Crowdfunding ban.

  3. The four industries which have emerged to provide the infrastructure for a global Crowdfunding    population which is projected to grow from 79 million in 2013 to 4 billion by 2018.

  4. 23 private or pre-IPO companies who have emerged as leaders of the four industries.

  5. Why Crowdfunding will power all of the major global stock indices to all time highs annually between 2014 and 2018
OFS’ Michael Markowski was a panelist at the 2nd Annual Silicon Valley Crowdfunding Conference held in Palo Alto on April 3rd & 4thmore 

In 2002 Michael founded, a subscription website that utilizes proprietary cash flow metrics to monitor the cash flows (CFFO, an acronym for Cash Flow From Operations)     



12 Month (07-10-13 to 07-09-14) Share Price Performance of companies mentioned in“Crowdfunding’s Impact on the Market” video which are positioned to benefit from SEC’s announced lifting of 80 year old crowd funding ban on July 10, 2013 versus the S&P 500 and Dow Jones.