Crowd Funding's Impact on The Markets: Run time (19:02)

The video explains the dynamics of Crowdfunding (Cf) and the effect that it is going to have on crowds, businesses, banks, industries and economies.  It explains the parallels between the powerful demographics which powered the web between 1996 and 2000 and the demographics that will power Crowdfunding between 2014 and 2018.  The video covers the following:


  • Why Crowdfunding is going to significantly impact the global economy over the next five years.  The result will be that all of the worlds major stock markets will hit consecutive annual highs between now until at least 2018?


  • That dynasty wealth building has already begun.  The shares of approximately 20 companies who are already in the position to benefit have already gone to annual or all-time highs, and their share prices have increased by an average of 40% within the first 90 days after July 10th.   That was the day that the SEC announced the lifting of the first ban.  However, during this same 90 day period the Dow Jones Composite index or the stock market did not appreciate at all. 


  • There are four key industries that are emerging to support the global crowdfunding movement.  The emerging industries are very similar to the four key industries which emerged to support the growth of the web from 16 million users at the end of 1995 to 360 million users by the end of 2000   The share prices of those companies who launched IPOs and were the leaders of the four web industries emerging between 1996 and 1998 multiplied by 36 to 205 times upon reaching their  1999 highs.  Those companies who emerge as the leaders of the Crowdfunding Movement and launch IPOs between now and 2017 will provide  similar opportunities for their shareholders to create dynasty wealth by the end of the decade.    

EPS Syndrome:   The EPS Syndrome, run time (4:25)

Included in The EPS Syndrome video is a graphic explanation on the differences between EPS (Earnings Per Shares) and OPS (Operating-Cashflow Per Share).   Companies that covered in the video that went into bankruptcy include Suprema Specialties, the “poster child” of a perfect short, AstroPower and Lehman Brothers.  The unnamed company at the end of the video is Titan Machinery.  

Crowd Funding, Stock Health & Investing: Run time (1:00:55)

Michael Markowski shares his professional views about Enron, Sunbeam, Sears, Google, Apple, Facebook, and other companies that might be on your radar. If you are interested in the latest breakthroughs in picking stocks and are ready for the good news about crowdfunding, this segment is for you.

Bitcoin & Crowdfunding: Run Time (1:37:35)

Bitcoin – an emerging peer-to-peer payment system, cryptocurrency, trading platform and exchange system – has captured global interest in the last year. It is being used by, Richard Branson, and Max Keiser, and is so threatening to banks that JP Morgan Chase filed hundreds of patents that were rejected to try to compete with the Bitcoin Network. Bitcoin – a new, fast-growing financial ecosystem – is the first in recent history that presents an occasion and a bridge to get us out of the horrors of central banking..More

CrowdFunding the Early Stage Marketplace vs. Angellist: Run Time (5:14)

CrowdFundBeat, By Elliott Dahan, While presenting the Early Stage Marketplace, I have been asked to compare ESM to Angellist.

Angellist is a great List of Angels that serves the interest of a select group of angel investors. Angellist presents a moderated list of startups for the benefit on one group – investors.

ESM is a global marketplace serving the self interests of all members of the early stage community: Sponsors, Companies, Partners, and Funders. More..