Crowd Finance 2013 Event Speaker Founder of (December 24, 2013)

The founder of, Michael Markowski was one of ten speakers who made presentations at Crowd Finance 2013. It’s the world’s premier Crowdfunding event that was held in New York City on December 17, 2013. Event attendees (who paid $255 for admission) included some of the world’s largest and most visionary institutional investors and the leaders of the global Crowdfunding Movement. The title of Mr. Markowski’s presentation was “Where the Money will be Made”. An online video which includes all of the content that Mr. Markowski used in his presentation is currently available.

Mr. Markowski was the only speaker at the event who covered the significant impact that Crowdfunding has been having on the capital markets and specifically on the share prices of 17 public companies who have significantly outperformed the major stock indices such as the Dow 30 Industrials composite since July 10, 2013. [That was the day that the SEC announced that they were lifting the ban which had been in place since 1933]. He also unveiled 23 private or pre-IPO companies who are members of the four industries which he has identified as emerging to provide the infrastructure for the global Crowdfunding Movement. The number of eligible Crowdfunding participants is projected to grow from 17 million at the beginning of 2013 to four billion by 2018. Mr. Markowski was also the only speaker at the event who recommended or even named any public or private company Crowdfunding infrastructure investment opportunities. The other speakers at the event included the following:

David Weild- Former Vice Chairman of NASDAQ who is often referred to as the “Father of the JOBS Act”. Had previously spoken in front of the US House of Representatives, the SEC and the 32 member nations of the OECD Is a frequent expert commentator for CNBC, Fox Business News and the financial print media.

Steven Wallman- Former SEC Commissioner who was responsible for bringing decimalization to the US’ stock markets. He formulated the SEC’s policies that brought the Internet and other advanced technologies into wide use within the securities industry.

Andrew Klein- Founder of Wit Capital which was the first online investment bank to launch an IPO over the Internet. After securing a strategic partnership with and an equity investment from Goldman Sachs Wit was acquired by Charles Schwab.

Kay Koplovitz- Founder of the USA Network television channel and the Sci-Fi television channel. She was chairperson and CEO of USA until it was acquired for $4.5 billion.

Rudy Sahay- Founding member of the Principal Investment group at Guggenheim Partners. Guggenheim is a diversified financial services firm with over $190 billion under management. Mr. Sahay formerly worked with former Secretary of State Madeline Albright to evaluate emerging market investments for her private investment fund, Albright Capital Management.

Ron Suber- Head of Global Institutional Sales and Business Development of Prosper Marketplace, Inc., a crowd peer to peer (P2P) lending leader. He was formerly the Managing Director of Wells Fargo Securities. Black Rock, the US’s largest money manager who manages more than $3 trillion and Sequoia Capital the US’ most prominent Venture Capital firm invested more than $45 million into Prosper during 2013.

Sally Outlaw- Co-founder and CEO of Peerbackers, one of the largest and most popular US Crowdfunding portals. Founder and CEO of Crowdfund Academy. Formerly President of Infinity Productions, a producer of television programming for NBC, The Discovery Channel and PBS. Sally is a frequent cited expert source on Crowdfunding for The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine and Dow Jones.

Dara Albright- Co-founder of the Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA) and co-founder of the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA). She is also the co-founder of LendIt, the preeminent conference organization which is dedicated to the burgeoning P2P and online lending industry. Dara is the Chief Communications Officer of Crowdnetic and has held a distinguished 21 year career in IPO execution and investment banking.

Peter Renton- Founder and CEO of the Lend Academy. It’s the leading educational resource for individual investors participating in the P2P lending industry. Peter is also the co-founder of LendIt. Renton is considered as the world’s leading expert on P2P lending. He is interviewed regularly by the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Fortune, NPR, the Financial Times, etc.