The (OFS) conducted proprietary research in 2013 to determine the impact that the SEC’s lifting of its 80 year Crowdfunding ban is going to have on the US and Global capital markets, economies and their sectors.  The research revealed a group consisting of approximately 20 US public companies who significantly outperformed the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones 30 Industrial composite indices during the second half of 2013. See comparative performance table July to December 2013 below. See “Crowfunding’s Impact on the Markets” research video.  The cutting edge research has put OFS and its issuer or private pre IPO company clients and the investors who follow it into the position to ride an approaching Crowdfunding Tsunami that will enable them to create dynasty wealth by 2018 or sooner.  

The (OFS) was founded by Michael Markowski who also founded in 2002, a subscription website that utilizes proprietary cash flow metrics to monitor the cash flows (CFFO, an acronym for Cash Flow From Operations) of approximately 10,000 publicly traded companies.  Markowski founded after he utilized proprietary software to perform an autopsy on Enron shortly after it declared bankruptcy in late 2001.

Mr. Markowski has been cited by the financial media as a cash flow analysis expert.  Fortune Magazine named him in its 2004 Investment Guide as one of 50 Great Investors.  Subsequent to his founding Markowski discovered that some of StockDiagnostics’ best cash flow performing companies and his stock picks were members of the Online Financial Sector.

He created the web site after using the software that he created to discover that the Online Financial Sector and its members had
superior cash flow metrics and that it was the least risky of any of the 250 industries, sub-sectors and sectors that he followed.  His 2009, article, “Betting
the Odds”
explains why its dynamics and demographics make it the best sector to invest in.  In that same article he also explained how and why Twitter 
could  drive exponential growth for the Online Financial Sector and its members.   


In September of 2013, after the SEC had lifted its 80 year old Crowdfunding ban and Twitter announced its IPO Mr. Markowski began to closely monitor the 

rising share prices of the companies who are members of the Online Financial Sector.  He also took notice that the share prices of Facebook and the other

social media companies had risen sharply and steadily since July 10, 2013, the date which the SEC announced that they were lifting the ban.  Markowski

conducted much research for the presentations that he made at two Crowdfunding conferences in October and December of 2013.  Due to his findings which are revealed in the video “Crowdfunding’s impact on the markets” OFS is now predicting that a majority of the revenue and profits that are generated by the Social Media Industry by 2018 will be from fees and revenues associated with Crowdfunding.  The result is that the Social Media Industry and its member companies and four new Crowdfunding infrastructure industries; Portals, Infrastructure, Classifications and Entrepreneurial Tools have been added to the Online Financial Sector. 

 Below are the industries who are members of the Online Financial Sector: 


  • Online Brokers
  • Online Financial Information Producers
  • Financial information and data suppliers
  • Online Financial Education Providers
  • Social Media
  • Crowdfunding Portals
  • Crowdfunding Infrastructure Providers
  • Crowdfunding Categorization and Classification Systems
  • Crowdfunding Entrepreneurial Tools Providers

"There is an old saying that “history repeats itself”.  That will certainly happen over the next five years.  I predict that the growth for Crowdfunding between 2013 and 2018 will be at least a repeat of the growth that the web experienced between 1995 and 2000.   The good news is that in this instance history does not have to wait a generation or two to repeat itself."  Michael Markowski.