A Catalyst for Investview Shares???
By Michael Markowski (November 27, 2013)

Investview May Soon Have a Momentum Changing Catalyst

The announcement that Investview (OTCBB:INVU) made about it acquiring a broker dealer and the recent radio interview with its CEO that I listened to, etc., have led me to believe that the price of its shares and the liquidity of the shares have the potential to increase sharply. However, this assumes that Investview first acquires the broker dealer.

Investiew’s owning a broker dealer would be a game changer. It’s the best and simplest way for Investview to share in the increased brokerage commissions that its broker dealer partners generate from their clients who utilize Investview’s courseware and products to be more active and better traders.

For almost as long I have been following Investview the company has struggled in its attempt to develop a formula or cookie cutter that would enable it to share in the increasing commissions that it generates for its broker dealer partners. Its not been successful since the SEC has strict rules that prohibit a broker dealer sharing its commissions with any other entity but another broker dealer.

The acquisition of a broker dealer is the simplest solution. Investview should have done this years’ ago. It would have saved the company and all of its shareholders including me from a lot of heartache and losses. Its because SEC Rules strictly prohibit a broker dealer from sharing its commissions with any other entity but another broker dealer.

I predict that when Investview makes the announcement that it has acquired the broker dealer it will be the catalyst to finally reverse the downward momentum of its share price and also its Income Statement or financial condition. Its because Investview will (a) no longer have to layout the marketing and advertising expenses to market and sell subscriptions to individuals and (b) instead will be able to share in the commissions that it increases for its broker dealer partners.

The primary reason why I have been following Investview and have personally held its shares for more than five years is because it has one of the most extensive online investor education libraries in the world. By acquiring the broker dealer it will now be able to much better leverage its content.

Investview in its September 23, 2013 press release announcing the acquisition stated that it expected to close the broker dealer transaction to “close within 120 days”. That means that the deal could close sometime in December or January.

Mr. Markowski currently holds shares in Investview and may buy or sell them at anytime without providing notice.